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Genotype describes genetic information, while Phenotype describes how a lifeform grows


In-field characterization of plants, growing in the natural environment under controlled treatments, using a basic non-destructive plant height, temperature, and color, "tri-metric" core phenotyping continuous measurement approach, aboard a geo-referenced mobile platform, informs our USDA ARS ALARC Plant Group phenomics research as a field phenotyping technical method in rapid electronic proximal sensing irrigated agricultural crops, all beneath a bright Arizona sun, on the University of Arizona Maricopa Agricultural Center farm USA, and in collaboration with a talented community of interested researchers, professionals and students.


We call it FB-HTPPField-Based High-Throughput Phenotyping of Plants, and there is a long list of scientists and engineers who have contributed to building the program success as it stands currently.

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FB-HTP Field Based High Throughput Phenotyping

  • Understand the Genetic x Environment factors that drive crop phenotypic expression

  • Identify sensing technology to non-destructively quantify plant traits in the field

  • Deploy positioning systems that suspend sensing arrays across field plots

  • Compute data pipelines to derive biological information from electronic sensing

  • Develop and standardize best practice methodology with phenomics community


GIF of Wolverine Proximal Sensing Cart 2021 season
Phenotyping Proximal Sensing Rig Avenger in-fied
Field Phenotyping Proxmal Sensing Cart PSCM1
Phenomics nadir cotton VIRB XE PinP view in Phenotyping In-Field proxima sensing plants

Cotton season

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